Friday, September 23, 2011

My apologies

Dear Readers, Friends, and Odd Family Members --

Well, that greeting sounded nice in my head... but I guess it is too full of assumptions.  Then, O Misery, I would have to explain those assumptions, and would lose all my "Readers," most of my "Friends," and definitely the majority of those oddities known as blood relations.

So I shall keep it brief.

I just got released from the hospital, an unexpected stay, to say the least.  Nothing was accomplished and despite days of truly dubious treatment, I am home feeling about as bad as I did seven days ago, when the detritus hit the fan.

O, how I love the Manor and all of its art and tapestries, its bizarre twists and turns and unexpected staircases.
O, how I love Fred.
O, how I adore the Domestic Staff, whether genetically pre-determined as Marlinspike Hall servants or whether servants by the exercise of good old fashioned Free Will!
O, how I prefer The Big Round Bed with my Big Old Quilts, washed into soft submission years ago.
O, how I missed the Feline Remnant... all three demanded immediate brushing and kisses.  It's nice to feel needed, no matter how that need comes.

But I did pick a nice title, I think.  I do apologize -- for neglecting visitors to elle est belle la seine la seine elle est belle, and neglecting people I care about, the two sometimes not being mutually exclusive.

At least I can promise that my time spent attached to i.v. solutions and at the mercy of medicos was not a total waste.  I feel an onslaught of blog posts coming on...