Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Traveling around the sphere, few people inspire me to larceny as does TW over at American Idyll.
But then I thought, "No, he's just a good teacher.  And the producers *want* this clip out there, being seen.  So just tip your hat, nod, and maybe, for good and extra measure, tap your index finger wisely alongside your nose -- you know, knowingly like." Thanks, TW.

And Dean Potter!  And Mikey Schaefer!  And the moon!  And Cathedral Peak!

I'd do different music.  Not sure what.  Nothing with much percussion.  But something... else.  My apologies to Wil Bolton (who is, I'm sure, now crushed).  Anyway, loop the video and find your own sound...


Moonwalkfrom Reel Water Productions PLUS 
The ultimate full moon shot. Dean Potter walks a highline at Cathedral Peak as the sun sets and the moon rises. Shot from over 1 mile away with a Canon 800mm and 2X by Mikey Schaefer.
This shot was part of a bigger project for National Geographic called The Man Who Can Fly.
Directed by Mikey Schaefer  -- [visit -- it is cool.]
Produced by Bryan Smith
Concept by Dean Potter
Slate - By Wil Bolton
From the Album: Time Lapse on Hibernate Recordings
Licensed through: Audiomoves -