Sunday, August 26, 2012

i'm not afraid

this doesn't really count as a blog post, i am maintaining hiatus status... but oh, the excitement!

i made my second and third videos with the new camera.

both feature the same actors, two men unknown to me who happened to gather in our tiny vineyard (a new ecotype that will pucker your puss!) about half a pink submarine's length from Marlinspike Hall's drawbridge and koi-cluttered moat.  one vid has an extended view of my thigh and the other seems to have been subject to a poltergeist's antics, but they're clear enough.

a drug deal!

fred is pissed at me, not speaking.

after reviewing the first attempt, i decided to go outside, wheelchair-lady prominently framed by our factitious  florentine baptistry doors, hoot at the two doods, wave, and push record.  being professional actors, they both obligingly turned in my direction and stared at the handycam.  i only wish i knew their names so that i could give proper attribution in the credits.

i think fred believes it might be more circumspect not to advertise one's videography of the local criminal element.  i'm not afraid.  i know fred will defend me.


anyway, once i have enough for a short documentary, i am turning it all over to constable tante louise.  i'm not afraid.  oh, i said that already.

we return you to the already-in-progress blog hiatus.  (i'm on day 3 of a 5-day medication.)