Friday, August 20, 2010

More Specialty Wars!

Okay, so Happy Hospitalist took on ER physicians in a recent Xtranormal text-to-video creation a few days ago and ERP answered pretty quickly on behalf of ER docs worldwide.  See their directorial débuts here.

I did not know, though, that the Medical Specialty "Movie" Wars have been going on for a good while.  (Eventually, these vids will achieve the same sub-genre cult status as zit-popping masterpieces.  Okay, so that was a shameless, gratuitous plug for Emilbus20...)  Now that I am no longer an unappreciated, oft-maligned scout for PTZ (I specialized in misspelled foreign word searches), I am enjoying my YouTube excursions much more!  And HS now has a snowball's chance to catch a new vid as the first viewer ever, the stuff of her dreams... {{waving at my PTZ friends!}}

En tout cas -- I've put together a sampling of these medical tantrums, in order of publication.  In the course of rediscovering the world of medical bloggers, one thought keeps recurring -- how much easier it is to understand and empathize the many challenges these folk face when they choose to couch their frustrations in humor instead of snarky venom.

GI vs Anesthesia

Uploaded to YouTube by addormitus on July 20, 2010: "Case Discussion"

Anesthesia vs Neurosurgery

Uploaded to YouTube by hautegirll on July 21, 2010:
"An animated discussion in the OR. Inspired Orthopaedics vs Anaesthesia."

OB/GYN & Anesthesia

Uploaded to YouTube by ETHERBUNNY2010 on July 25, 2010: "She would like an epidural..."

ER officer Vs Surgeon

Uploaded to YouTube by tubelessbra on July 26, 2010:
"An almost everyday slightly over exaggerated referral"

Orthopedia vs Anesthesia (There are several of these specialists battling one another; I chose this one because of the Anthropology Consult!)

Uploaded to YouTube by tedparksmd on July 27, 2010: "As an orthopod, I had to respond to this!"

Orthopaedics Consult (There are some HILARIOUS ones by orthos dealing with ER docs... One has the call for a consult justified by the fact that "the patient has bones.")

Uploaded to YouTube by randomta22 on July 29, 2010: "Orthopaedic hillarity"

ER vs. Surgery

Uploaded to YouTube by phatman23 on July 31, 2010:
"Life as a surgical resident."


Uploaded to YouTuby by troymartin13 on August 02, 2010.


Uploaded to YouTube by dequervains on August 18, 2010: "Hospitalist battles the cardiologist as the Xtranormal medical specialty battle continues."

In addition to Specialty vs Specialty, there are a good number of "Typical ER Patient" creations that you should check out, most dealing with drug-seekers. Clearly, these good health care professionals need access to some serious means of decompression... I hope these vids are therapeutic for them.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Philpot Shoots the Schlessinger and I Need Yogurt

I felt so strange this morning. Thought I was jonesing for some plain lowfat yogurt hit with a teaspoon of pure vanilla extract and a kiss of fake sugar... but no! It turns out what I was really wanting was a word from Helen Philpot, of Helen and Margaret fame.

Not that I would compare The Philpot to Plain Lowfat Yogurt. That would be ridiculous.

God, I hope Fred will make a run into Tête de Hergé to nab a bit of bacterial fermentation. Or milk one of the oddly oversized bovines that have broken through the weaker sections of the Olde Stone Wall that keeps us safe from The Cistercians...

I am glad that Helen sort of echos my own take on the Laura Schlessinger affair -- and on Talking Heads, in general: A great big hearty... meh.

Shooting the Schlessinger

Margaret, your letters have been a source of comfort these past few weeks. I really have not felt like writing until your nephew called me to tell me that lots of people actually read this thing and many of them think that I am dead. Goodness gracious. I had no idea that once I started I couldn’t stop. But if this is my lot in life, I guess things could be worse. It keeps me busy and right now I probably don’t need a lot of time on my hands.

I saw in the news today that one of your radio shows is coming to an end. That Dr. Laura lunatic you like has finally gone one step too far and used the N-word a few too many times… well actually one too many times if you think about it. It’s just not one of those words a crazy white woman should let slip. You’d think she would know that.  (read the rest here... where she doesn't mention yogurt even once...)

I don't think I will ruin a surprise by telling you that Helen mentions Sarah Palin -- why not? One crazy white woman invites another! It's like... well, plain lowfat yogurt without the perfume of vanilla or the kiss of sweetness that can only come from a good aged chlorinated artificial confection.

I don't want Palin to feel left out of my own little publicity piece, and I was fairly certain she would have weighed in by now in support of her Sister AirHead... via Twitter, of course.

Were I unfamiliar with Sarah Palin, her advice to Schlessinger ("don't retreat...reload!") might take my breath away. 
Dr.Laura=even more powerful & effective w/out the shackles, so watch out Constitutional obstructionists. And b thankful 4 her voice,America!

Dr.Laura:don't retreat...reload! (Steps aside bc her 1st Amend.rights ceased 2exist thx 2activists trying 2silence"isn't American,not fair")

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Forget Laura -- Listen to Jonathan McCoy

I don't like or enjoy Laura Schlessinger's radio show, so I am glad she's off the air.  It's not hard to take her apart over the n-word incident that did her in, so I'd rather showcase someone else, someone *really* up-and-coming and worthy of your time -- Jonathan McCoy. 

But you are probably already familiar with him and the speech he made last year (September 2009?), when he was but a lad of eleven! As the numerous video postings here lately attest?  I am just trying to catch up on the wealth of talent, information, and captured events out there.

Do the BIG cats like a little nip?

Saw this at Shadowfax's blog, Movin' Meat... and now, I'm thinking that I need to tote some Nepeta cataria along with my Bear Repellent...

This video is from Big Cat Rescue, a big cat sanctuary.

From their FAQ section: "Why keep animals in cages or have them on display?"

A: I hate to see cats in cages as well. My ultimate goal is that places like Big Cat Rescue do not have to exist. Most places that call themselves sanctuaries or refuges are neither and are a fate worse than death. We do the best we can to overcome that by offering a lot of enrichment for the cats. It is sad that they no longer are wanted by the people who bought them as cute little cubs. The purpose of exposing the public to them is to show people who are contemplating big cat ownership that it never works out for the cat's benefit. This was our original purpose for allowing guests. When you see that you can never turn your back on even a bobcat, without being sprayed or how small the 1200 square foot cages look when they have a 150 pound cat in them, or how quick and powerful these cats are, then it's got to make you rethink the whole idea of buying that little bundle of fur. You can tell people it's a bad idea all day and be ignored, but when they see it for themselves and they see how many people came before them and failed, it is an eye opening experience. Couple that with the fact that we turn down approximately 100 cats per year for lack of space and funds and you can start to see the whole picture.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Major Hoots from Happy and ERP

The Happy Hospitalist must feel better after getting this off his chest!  He may have found his creative niche with this Xtranormal video production -- "battling medical specialty vs specialty. This one is Hospitalist vs ER."

ERP decided to defend the honor of ER docs (Or ED, if you're WhiteCoat; But you aren't WhiteCoat, and even if you were, do you think I'd pander to the likes of such a rightwing dogmatic? So, ER it is!) with "ERP Tries to Admit a Patient":

The funniest text-to-video production I've seen is Patient Faking Seizure in ER, something that apparently is all too common, as the producer, uncenicidem, notes that this is pretty much how it is!