Saturday, October 10, 2009

National Attention for LINDSEY BAUM

Fort Lewis soldiers join search for McCleary girl

11:28 AM PDT on Saturday, October 10, 2009


McCLEARY, Wash. - As the days get shorter and the nights grow colder, search teams looking for missing 11-year-old Lindsey Baum are stepping up.

Today Fort Lewis soldiers will join the search for the little girl as her story continues to gather national attention.

Immediately after her disappearance, search teams were plentiful and hundreds were working to try and find her. Now that months have passed, attention is waning. But there are those who will never give up, and now national attention will be focused on the case.

On Tuesday the "Oprah Winfrey Show" will be featuring Lindsey Baum's case. Lindsey's mother Melissa spent two days with producers and cameras. Many are hoping this national attention will help find her.

But far from the glamour of national television shows, locals are still doing what they can to help.

This morning supporters of Lindsey and her family continued searching. The search is vast, with no clear idea where to start or even where to look. But they are determined to try.

Lindsey was walking home from a friend's house when she disappeared on the evening of June 26. Despite an intensive police search including the FBI and high-tech tools, nothing has turned up.

Still those who know and love the little girl say they will never give up hope that she is alive and will come home.

Lindsey supporters began searching at 9 this morning in the McCleary area. They will continue searching until dark.

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  1. Stories like this make me sad, and terrify me at the same time.

    I cannot even let my mind go to the place where one of my children is missing.

    It is every parents worst nightmare.

  2. Ain't that the truth, OHN? I cannot begin to fathom the terror of "that place."

    The "feature" on Oprah? Less than 20 seconds. A real disappointment. But what was really remarkable, really upsetting? There are way too many lost children out there... Bless all their souls.


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