Saturday, November 21, 2009

No truth to rumors of break in the Lindsey Baum case

There are two updates that I suppose are worth making about the missing child case that I am following -- that of 11 year old Lindsey Baum, who disappeared during a short walk home on 26 June, 2009, in McCleary, Washington.

Neither are earthshattering: one is disappointing, but not unexpected; the other is promising, but late on scene.

Reporter Steven Friederich of The Daily World, which serves the Grays Harbor and Pacific counties area of Washington state, writes today that:

The Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Office says rumors of a break in the Lindsey Baum case, involving a missing McCleary girl, are false...

Undersheriff Rick Scott said Friday that he had fielded media calls all day asking him about alleged warrants and arrests.

Scott said someone was contacting media outlets anonymously with bogus tips. Reporters and community members called the Sheriff’s Office all day to ask about the rumors.

“About the only thing true is that I’m burning up the minutes on my cell phone,” Scott said.

Scott said no one has filed any police reports and there is nothing legally the Sheriff’s Office can do about the false reports.

The brown-haired 4-foot-9 girl was wearing a light blue hooded shirt and blue jeans when she went missing. Authorities believe she is the victim of an abduction.

Anyone with any credible information about the whereabouts of Lindsey Baum is encouraged to come forward. Tips can be made by phone at 1-866-915-8299 or e-mail at They may also be mailed to PO Box 305 McCleary, 98557.

The ChildSeek Network has also put up a Web site about Baum at:

On the up side of the search for Lindsey? She is one of six missing children featured on the cover of People magazine.

The national attention is a ray of hope for Lindsey Baum's mother, Melissa Baum.

The grief-stricken mother is surrounded by pictures of her daughter, posters of well wishes, business cards and fliers.She's hoping for even the smallest of clues that will lead her to her daughter.

"I just want to bring her home," she said. "I want people to see her and look for her."

Everyone in the tiny town of McCleary knows of Melissa Baum's grief. Many of them have helped searchers comb the area for signs of the missing girl.

But when People magazine hits newsstands on Friday, people in every state will know Lindsey Baum's story. Her mother hopes the magazine will help bring new evidence to light.

"I didn't know she was going to be on the cover, so I'm really happy about that," she said. "Somebody out there knows something."

Melissa Baum said her maternal instinct tells her her daughter is somewhere nearby.

On a June night long before the sunset, Lindsey Baum left a friend's house and started a seven-block walk home. Since then, thousands of tips have been called in, but not one solid lead has surfaced.

Months have passed without any news from the missing girl, but her mother has faithfully organized search parties every weekend since.

But interest is dwindling. Last weekend, only a few volunteers joined the desperate mother.

Melissa Baum doesn't believe the $10,000 reward being offered in the case is sufficient to motivate a solid tip.

Donations for the reward fund are being collected at all branches of Sterling Saving Bank.

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