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Lindsey Update::Melissa Baum on Issues

Please refresh your memory of missing 11-year-old Lindsey J. Baum by reading past posts about her here.

from CNN
March 9, 2010 Tuesday

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Now we`re going to talk to another mother who`s been through hell.

Melissa Baum`s 10-year-old daughter Lindsey disappeared last June. She`s convinced her daughter is alive. Lindsey vanished walking home from a friend`s house in Washington state. It was only a ten-minute walk -- look at that beautiful child -- through a busy neighborhood.

Recently here on ISSUES, Amber`s mom said she believed her daughter had been swept into a sex trafficking ring and was still alive. Sadly, as we all know now, Amber`s body was found days later.

Melissa Baum, it is a very sad commentary on our society when mothers, their only hope is to hope that their daughters are being held by a sex- trafficking ring. Has it really come to that in America today, Melissa?

MELISSA BAUM, MOTHER OF LINDSEY (via phone): It appears to be the case. You don`t know what else to think. I mean, obviously, we -- we pray that the outcome is not what Mo and Carrie and Chelsea`s families are going through.

I do believe -- I do believe that my daughter is still alive. And law enforcement is very active and working very hard right now, and they`re making some good progress. So at this point, I`m still going with the "no news is good news." I truly believe that my daughter is still alive.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: And look at her with that shirt. It says, "Mommy`s - - Mommy`s Little Girl."

BAUM: Mommy`s little troublemaker.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: What a beautiful child. We are going to keep your case alive, Melissa. We`re going to keep your daughter`s face out there. We`re not going to let this go. It`s just horrific.

The only other news I can find that mentions Lindsey Baum are pieces reiterating the recently raised reward money ($20,000).

Of course, in the face of stories like this one, out of frustration and desperate fear, one starts to wonder -- could he have abducted her? A 20-year-old former church youth group leader was sentenced to at least 51⁄2 years in prison Monday for sexually exploiting a 5-year-old girl he was babysitting...

In what is some small good news for Lindsey's mother, and a win for fairness:

SEATTLE -- The mother of missing McCleary girl Lindsey Baum will not have to pay back unemployment benefits which she was ordered to do.

KIRO 7 spoke with Melissa Baum after she was given a notice that she was to pay $1,000 for unemployment checks that she was not supposed to receive.

Baum took three months unpaid leave from her job as a call center operator and then filed for unemployment when her employer said she could not return to work part-time. Baum left her job so she could assist in the search for her daughter who has been missing since June 26.

Melissa Baum and her remaining children are relocating --

MCCLEARY, Wash. -- The FBI is searching the home of a missing McCleary girl
one last time before her family moves out.Lindsey Baum’s family is moving to
Rainier and Grays Harbor County Undersheriff Rick Scott said it’s the last
chance to obtain samples of the old house before someone new moves in.

Keep Lindsey's likeness in mind as you are out and about. Keep looking!

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