Monday, April 5, 2010

Math Class Shadow and Other News of Higher Education

I just fielded the latest email from Grader Boob, one of my Brother-Units, in which he recommends the antics of Matthew Weathers, featured in the video below.

Known as user MDWeathers on YouTube, he describes himself this way:

I teach part time in the Math Department of Biola University, a private Christian university in a Los Angeles suburb. I also work in the Distance Learning Department there. I live four block from work. My most recent degree: Masters in Computer Science from USC.

Grader Boob, himself an English professor, had this to say for himself:


Just finished my conferences... I spent part of the day sniping at belligerent attitudes and senses of entitlement. The day started off fine, for I had all of the overachievers scheduled early on. It was later, with the tardies and the malcontents that the air turned electric.

That's right electric... not eclectic!

My conference policy is that since they're given a week off and see me only for a scheduled 10-minute meeting, I expect them to be on time. No lateness allowed. If they come late, they're absent. Well, several wanted to argue that point with me, so things got heated. But that's an argument I never lose--until they do their student evals and they all comment on the unfairness of the policy.

The entitlement came next, for a smugly grinning student couldn't figure out why I thought the tone of his business letter--ending in "Sneeringly yours"--was counterproductive. Our conversation then ranged over topics as diverse as the rubric by which the paper was graded to the poor research in the letter ("What do you mean that The **** [the university student newspaper] isn't an academic/scholarly source?"). Though I never raised my voice, I was as dismissive as I've ever been verbally to a student. So, of course, the young woman who was the next victim/conferee was petrified when she inched through the office door.

So that's been my day..and there's only 3 more days of conferences left! (Boy, what a griper!)

But this will all fade away should the Blue Devils play their game and silence the Bulldoggy crowd! I'm relying on YOUR team to help me out, and if they don't, you will certainly hear from me!

Hope all are well in [Marlinspike Hall, deep, deep in the Tête de Hergé (très décédé, d'ailleurs)].

Mucho amore.

Conferencer Boob the Erstwhile Grader

I am so glad to have been reminded -- so that I might, in turn, gently remind you -- that the Blue Devils are playing for the championship tonight.


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