Wednesday, November 17, 2010

...but Genghis Khan

2008 Kant Attack Ad

posted to YouTube by KingHotPants, December 7, 2008: "Kant Attack Ad by James DiGiovanna and Carey Burtt"

Also worth noting: Dissenting political voices among the video commentary, often coyly disguised as a non sequitur (and occasionally as an inference that does not follow from the considerable premises):

Ayn Rand was a hack and amateur in the same way that we say that Michael Jordan was a basketball player.

I Like Lao
Lao Tzu 08

Scleiermacher has my vote. He will defend our right to passively experience the infinite universe. I intuit a victory!

I doubt that Kant could make congress pass his legislation on universal law, or that he could make the Supreme Court judge aesthetics subjectively, but he is still better than Plato, who keeps hiding people in his cave without a trial. Although some would say that transcendental idealism is extremist.

I am voting for Plato in 2008 because everyone else is just a footnote.

If Kant is Romney and Nietzsche is Obama, then who is Heidegger?

I hate Nietzsche. He's like the Soulja Boy of the philisophical world.

If you mean depressing, then yes.
If, however, you mean that like Soulja Boy Nietzsche was an overcompensating, bling-wearing, shallow, hip-hop gangsta then I'm afraid I must protest the claim.

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  1. I love reading YT comments.

    In the category of Unlikely Highest-Rated Comments:

    on a reading of Il Pleure Dans Ma Couer:

    on some indie-folk song, I don't remember which:
    "eeeee u guys im realy lonely somone wanna chat"


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