Thursday, December 23, 2010

Crayzee Central -- v2

She seems a tad bit *off* yet but that will take care of itself, dontcha know?  She will have her Full Force Snark on in short order.

We should probably have a moment of silence for the poor soul who is going to be the first to take her on.  Will it be Happy?  Will it be WhiteCoat?  All I know is that it won't be moi.

Of course, equally endangered are the idjits who work too hard at endearing themselves to this purveyor of:

High-quality emergency nursing care, primary care, drug-seeker support services, physician handwriting interpretation, arrangement of rapid ambulance transfers to detox, bus tokens and cab vouchers, Stage 4 malignant cynicism, and concierge service.
Nurse K and Crass-Pollination are back.

There seems to have been a notable change in venue, as she mentions a "little community Montana hospital," and does NOT mention Dr. Bloody Gloves at all.  In fact, the first reference she makes of physician staff is... respectful?  Polite?  Complimentary?  (I know! I know!  It's mind boggling!)

Drug-seekers, progressive politicos, fibromyalgeurs, migraineurs (chronic paineurs of any sort), doods and sum doods, alike -- Beware. 

If you were thinking of heading to the ER (ED, if you're WhiteCoat) for a pregnancy check at 3 am...

If you characterize your pain as being a 12 on a 10 scale...

If you are allergic to all non-narcotic pain relievers and just happen to respond best to that one drug that starts with "d"...

If you are crayzee and think you might be needing a blanket, a sammich, and another pillow...

Be forewarned, Nurse K is back! *

* Please, though, avert your eyes from her Tweets (as erNurseK), as she is being a lascivious BlogWhore on that bit of social media.  SAMPLES: 

Four posts so far on Blog 2.0. Have you added me to your RSS feeds?

It's cute...lots of people are reading 20-30 pages of my archives. 9000 pageviews today :)


  1. Bloody Gloves and Big Work-Up got shitcanned before I left for Montana. True story.

    Sorry that you think I'm "off" or you're not as entertained. Happy's still got Asperger's, so we have that to fall back on, right? 200 posts about Disneyland gingerbread houses and ice cream-->the fuck?

    Incidentally, you appear to be the first person to attack me :-)

  2. i can't think of two health professionals more deserving (at least, in blog-world terms) of shitcanning.

    it might be that the degree to which you are "off" (again, only in blog-world environs) represents the loss of bloody gloves and big work-up.

    i mean, they were pretty easy to play off of, y'know?

    but your readership knows you will overcome the paradigm shift, because though you may lack the likes of bloody gloves et al, there's always the homeless, the drug-seekers, the fakers, and the stupid young pregnant girls.

    and happy.

    um, truth be told, i am thrilled you're back. things were getting pretty doggone complacent in medical blogdom...

    best of luck in everything!

    your longtime admirer,
    bianca castafiore
    [bonne, belle]


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