Monday, January 24, 2011

From the Buckeye Surgeon: American Exceptionalism Needs a New Heart

Jeffrey Parks MD, also known as blogger Buckeye Surgeon, has posted some wonderfully clear pieces about Dick Cheney. 

I appreciate clarity. 

And I am with him on this sentiment, as well:


Former Vice President (and still war criminal) Dick Cheney may soon place himself on the list for a heart transplant, according to this WSJ article. Usually heart transplants are restricted to those patients younger than 70 (Cheney turns 70 next week). I say, let the old bastard get on the list, on the condition that he submits to being waterboarded as a live, pay per view event on HBO. He doesn't have to get the full KSM treatment (i.e. 187 waterboardings). Just once is good enough for me.

KSM = Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

You can enjoy more of the Buckeye Surgeon's analysis of Dick Cheney's general son-of-a-bitchedness by clicking HERE.

For some excellent additional background, read Andy Worthington's December 2008 piece, The Ten Lies of Dick Cheney.

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