Sunday, April 10, 2011


Good morning.

I woke up optimistic, figured it best to rush and tell the world, surprise my friends, amaze my family!

Let's give the credit to Interesting Dreams, the plots of which I chose to let drain from the sieve of my claptrap mind -- Interesting Dreams mostly due to the appearance of good people not thought of in a long time.

My Oneiric Planner is off-kilter. The dream, as I said, was nicely peopled, well-cast, but the location was clearly temporary. Most of the episodes, in fact, might have been scouting attempts to score A Place For This Dream. That must be why we passed from motel rooms to strip malls, from motel rooms to rectangles of office parks, from motel rooms to cafeterias. We congregated on walkway/sidewalk intersections, in front of my stepmother's old family home, behind the former Dumas/Giddens Oil Company beach cottage, before 313 Fitzgerald Avenue, 8260 SW 145th Street, 301 Walnut Creek Drive, 466 Kentucky, 58th Street.  Everything was stateside.

I won't carry the dreams too far with me into the day, there is too much to do. 

Tomorrow is Ketamine Treatment #4, dosage at 125 mg.  A helpful friend {gagging cough} sent me two studies claiming that chronic/longterm CRPS is unresponsive to ketamine, that -- like sympathetic {choking spasm} blocks -- they're only useful within 3-9 months of onset. 

Yeah.  Well.  Your Mama!

And on that note, I'm off to eat soup... and see why the fire department has arrived down the road, in front of the Digital Drugs, Nutmeg, and Paraphernalia Renaissance Villa and Dairy Farm (where "Weekend Warrior" has a whole other meaning...).

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