Saturday, March 17, 2012

La Chaîne Officielle de Marine Le Pen

Ew, freaky-gross, ick!

You know, I am always scoping out the terrain.  I hit upon this erudite young man's YouTube channel after enjoying the comment that he posted after a video on the death of John Demjanjuk:

[...This guy burned villages with childrens.]
vitjoki91 31 minutes ago

This guy never burned shit. He wasn't even charged with that you stupid jerk. He was charged with being a guard at some camp with no evidence. And my ancestor were allied soldiers. The Holocuast is also way exaggerated and given too much importance today.
Perseiden2 19 minutes ago

I was perusing his interesting channel when my eye was drawn to the list of "featured channels," channels that he wished to promote within the context of his prevailing interests.

Do you see it?  Can you believe it?  Ninth one down!

La chaîne officielle de Marine Le Pen!

O Hoots of Frightened Laughter!

Featured Channels

I'm about to burst with curiosity. How did Perseiden2 come to endorse Marine Le-Freaking-Pen? It's a hellish marriage to contemplate, the monstrosities engendered not the least of it.

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