Monday, May 14, 2012

It's Time

Having known gay men and lesbian women who weep with regularity in North Carolina, Colbert took my breath away.

What a lovely mess truth can make of us.  I never thought I'd utter "I love Joe Biden" with either alacrity or warmth, certainly never with such frequency.  If he outed President Obama, if he stumbled into the thick of it, if he had it all planned from the get-go, I say "hooray."  If it was a blunder, well, blunder on!

He spoke his mind. Luckily for him, that has unquestionably resonated as truth.  "Joe Bombs," as such speech is derisively called by teeny-tiny, elegantly buffed wonks, are not "helpful."

I beg to differ.  Lose a little elegance, gain a little truth.

Created by GetUp! Action for Australia
Produced by Peter Slee & Michael Pontin at Motion Picture Company 
Lead: Julian Shaw
Creative Director: GetUp's own Simon Duncan Watt
Director: Stephen McCallum

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