Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Nigel Graham singing to find the lost

Published in Sunderland Echo on 17 May 2012 [Twitter: @janethejourno ]

A WASHINGTON [UK] songwriter is continuing his quest to help families of missing children around the world.
Nigel Graham devotes his spare time to composing songs to help promote the search for missing people.
Now he has created a smartphone app which brings together all of his music and videos.
The technology – which can be downloaded to Android phones – is called Find Me Music and includes songs Nigel has written for missing British youngsters Madeleine McCann, Ben Needham, who disappeared from the Greek island of Kos and runaway Andrew Gosden from Doncaster, as well as Canadian Jessie Foster, who was 21 when she disappeared from Las Vegas, missing 10-year-old Lindsey Baum, from Washington in the US and Brenda Gomez, a Mexican girl allegedly snatched seven years ago. [Emphasis mine]
The self-taught musician now receives appeals for help from around the world and has appeared on radio and TV stations internationally.
His next project involves a missing Italian youngster, Denise Pipitone, who vanished in 2004.
Speaking about his work, he said: “I feel good about helping people and families all over the world.”
Busy Nigel, from High Usworth in Washington, has also created a best-selling iPhones ring tone, which can be used by worried parents to alert children that they need to answer their phone urgently. He has also composed four pieces of music for International Missing Children’s Day on Friday, May 25.

Last year, in an interview with the U.K.Examiner's Jerrie Dean, she asked him how he chose whom to write songs for.  This was his reply:
Nigel Graham:  Over the four years, I have had many requests from YouTubers and campaign groups to write songs for their causes; and I have declined, until this year.  I got into a conversation with David Rose from Fox TV’s, “Most Wanted,” and heard the Lindsey Baum story.  I saw her case was going cold.  Lindsey is from Washington, USA, and I am from Washington, UK.  I decided I was going to help, so I recomposed a song I had written and called it, "One Day Lindsey Baum."  Then a couple of YouTubers made Lindsey a video using the song, and the song was played on Fox TV.  Subsequently, I ended up doing an interview with them.

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