Thursday, July 12, 2012

a little sepsis here, a little sepsis there...

hey, all.

fred gently got me into our dear ruby, the honda crv, and whisked me home from the hospital this evening.

i was pretty darned sick last weekend, worse on monday, but knew i had the weekly infectious disease appointment, so i figured i'd whiteknuckle it until then -- 1 pm, tuesday.

tuesday, my temp was 99.6 when i woke, but i was feeling clunky as all get out.  i did the morning routines, including infusing the i.v. antibiotic.  an hour or so later, it was 103.5 and i ran some clothes through the dryer  so that i could pile them on me and get warm.  you surely felt the world shaking about then.

but i could make it to 1 pm.

we got there, me with quilts, and involuntary tears, fred just tired of it all.

the receptionist informed me my appointment was at 11:45.  i told her i was sorry and that i was really, really, really sick.

so they found this very nice PA with whom i had never worked and he said "whoa, girl, you're sck."  i said, "sniff...  i know... sniff."  he got the head dude, who looked me over from a safe distance, and said, "man, you must feel like crap." he then outlined my two options:

1.  check in across the street at Hotel Hospital, OR
2.  while i was in his office's infusion center, i could let them "juice me up" with some i.v. fluids while they did labs, changed dressing, etc.

oh, and since clearly there was some new infection in play, i could also receive the first infusion of the new drug he was adding.

i opted for getting juiced up.   it sounded like the closest thing to sex that i'd been offered in... a while.

but as i settled in back in the infusion center, things got harder, then easier, then harder and harder.  as the last of the juice ran in, i went crazy.  the pain was beyond belief.  i couldn't breathe, everything and something was very wrong.  "call 911," i finally yelled and did curly-q thingies with my wheelchair.

the staff at id-dood's place is wonderful but i am quite sure i frealed everyone out.

and blah blah -- i was taken across the street to the ER by stupid ambulance.  can't wait for that bill.

at one point, we had three abx running.

but my temp came down a degree every 8 hours or so.

for the second time in a few weeks, i got culture results:   blood culture results came back positive. nothing like a little sepsis to make life interesting.

anyway, i am home again.

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