Saturday, August 18, 2012

the phoctor dill moderators strike again... j'accuse!

Continuing the tradition here at elle est belle la seine la seine elle est belle of journalistic integrity, I am reproducing below two posts that were removed, without explanation, by the fascist moderators over at the phoctor dill show.  Just kidding, they aren't fascists.  They're Republicans.

Yes, I am referring to the same journalistic and personal integrity that has inspired, for example the OCHOA series.  The fire in the belly feels roughly the same, though a little omeprazole might also be in order.

To  adequately set the scene for you, Dear Readers. is impossible.  This is your chance to fly by the seat of your pants -- an experience no one should miss.
I can tell you that this first post was composed, and is here reproduced unchanged, by one "yeahyoucan," aka pixikuku, C-angels14, maroonmimosabloom. recycledpap, -- she apparently switches from one moniker to another in an attempt to escape me and my sinister stalking, not understanding that she was just one of over a hundred RSS feeds in my Reader, and that the feed automatically made the switch to her lovely new names with no interference or direction from me.
The second post is my very moderate response, which she has already reduced to a self-serving mangle on her Twit Account.  She wins the Woe-Is-Me-But-Most-Of-All-I'm-Right Award and gets to bear the trinkets of her office:  a gilded plunger and and an empty amphitheater.
Grrrrrrrrrrrr.  Well, we'll just add this to the growing pile of I-hate-Phoctor-Dill posts.  Yes, thank you, I said I was done with this crowd, and clearly am not.  I went back because... a friend was in difficulty. Unfortunately, the Crazy Lady, in her own obsession, thought it had something to do with her.

Replied ByX on Aug 17, 2012, 5:59PM
Please do not continue to obsess about me and since you have over a year I'd suggest you seek professional help.  You've been bullying me and stalking me for over a year and stalked me here immediately after I blocked you another place you stalk me after you attacked me again.  You even stated THE DAY you stalked me here that your presence would likely distress others and to not worry as you weren't going to stay then you stayed anyway.  Yes, being bullied and stalked by you is distressing.

You have said to me and others that you do case studies on us.  You do not have permission to document and use information about me and as a courtesy to Dr. Phil Website members should secure permission before doing so.  Lots of things not right to do can be done anyway to exploit others as your bullying, stalking and taunting Dr. Phil Website members that you are doing case studies on Dr. Phil Website members as you taunted me too.

You have said to Dr. Phil Website members that since a public forum you can collect information on Dr. Phil Website members yet that's not what Dr. Phil made these message boards for.  Dr. Phil is TOTALLY against bullying and stalking.  You have a disconnect if you'd exploit the misfortune of another to stalk someone here right after blocked you, as you did me, disrespecting both my and Dr. Phil's philosophical anti-bully boundaries.  When I blocked you you were stating to me, as you once did another Dr. Phil Website member you stalked, that you could follow RSS feed even if we changed profile name to avoid your bullying & stalking.  I and other Dr. Phil Website members aren't here for you to entertain yourself bullying and stalking us.

That's why I kindly suggested y'all chatting on board y'all said met on since mostly chatting with each other since YOU KNOW you've been bullying and stalking me and may or may not be person hacking into my computer as well.  Only hacker knows that and I've only suspected you are hacker as well since I KNOW you bully and stalk me.  I was shocked to see mean remarks to me by you on a birthday video I made because once before when you were attacking me you said you realized I was a good person and stopped.  I am a good person.  It is okay to not like me yet not okay to stalk and bully me and, in fact, it is illegal to bully and stalk as you do me.  The polite thing, when you have other ways to communicate with someone, is to not exploit that person, to stalk me here putting us all in an uncomfortable position.

That you stated your presence here could distress others when you stalked me here, right after I blocked you for being mean to me elsewhere:  The polite thing when you tell person(s) you've distressed stalking and bullying to not worry because you don't plan to stay is to not stay.  That you knew/stated here that your presence would distress others, as did me, when you popped in here... on some level you must know not right to do since isn't right to bully and stalk me then exploit someone else here, and Dr. Phil, to achieve stalking me here, too.  Since you seem unable to stop stalking, bullying & obsessing about me I hope that you will seek professional help.  That's meant sincerely and not to be insulting...

Replied By: profderien on Aug 17, 2012, 7:04PM - In reply to x
Instead of speaking in what I assume is supposed to be legalese, why not just address me as me, prof, or,if you prefer, Evil One, Mistress of the Interwebs..

I wouldn't begin to know how to hack into a computer.

I don't stalk people.  You, I have kept an eye on, and yes, found interesting.  You've angered me more than anything, and I have said some things to get your considerable goat.  So, I was raised in a barn, perhaps, or maybe I never learned that sweet southern way of insulting people right and left with my many supposed suggestions and judgments.  I kept an eye on everyone who was involved in the incident that made me leave drphil com to begin with -- involving unfounded accusations of child abuse and threats flying back and forth -- all coming from people in *this* forum.  at the time, i was close to joyce and what i saw happening among you all, well, yes, if you like, it made you "case studies."

RSS feeds are available to everyone on the internet and I follow over 100 different feeds, so I wouldn't get overly excited about being included in that group, though it is a group of writers that I find interesting and that have all made themselves available to the technology.  There's not one iota of weirdness or illegality about it -- it is just technology.

My anger did evolve into bullying -- and since, at the moment, I am extraordinarily angry, I can only say that I'm dedicated to working on that.  "Better to say nothing..." is wise advice and I've spent my life trying to adhere to it.

You are, however, suffering from paranoia.  Or the belief that if you wish others and the world to be a certain way, that others and the world ought to straighten up and follow your orders.  I think, at times, some tendencies toward paranoia make you feel targeted when really... no one is paying you any attention, or wouldn't, if you could control yourself.

For God's sake, I tweeted something to you -- it was straightforward, a link to something or other, and you started reporting me to the Dallas police.

It's not normal behavior and I think your friends and the moderators and Dr. Phil, himself, have done you no favors by not assisting you.  It has been easier for them to put up with delusional and paranoid behavior, almost using you as a mascot -- a role that you perceive, apparently, as an appointed cheerleader.  

Sure, I could use professional help and have sought it when I needed it.  I wish everyone would.  There's no shame in it.

In short -- hacking, no;  stalking, no (but congratulations on your healthy ego!)  bullying, sadly, yes, I think I have bullied you.  When I can honestly apologize, I'll do so.  (You would never guess how you've angered me -- a hint: a good part of it involves remarks you've made to the First Family of the United States. and a rather evil xenophobia)  Hmmm, maybe I do need help...)

Most sincerely yours,


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