Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I love Dr. Anthony Kirkpatrick and it turns out that Ochoa is not the only turd in town...

Dr. Anthony Kirkpatrick has pretty much dedicated his life to bettering the lives of people with CRPS / RSD, and having scoped out some of his other interests, he's kind of into bettering life on the planet, in general.

After many years in Anesthesiology and Pain Management at USF in Tampa, he established there the world's only RSD / CRPS Treatment Center and Research Institute.  If I had some bucks, I'd have been there when the doors opened.

[One of the majorly sucky things about CRPS / RSD 's most effective doctors and treatments?  You have to be monied to have access to them.  Oh, I'm sorry.  That's a universal truth!  I try to expunge the obvious from my posts, but it was a long night...]

I'm also not blind to the down side of such fervor as his, but I prefer it to torpor, and I definitely prefer it to doctors practicing CYA medicine or suffering terribly from Dr. God complexes.  I see him as the obvious antithesis to my archenemy Jose Ochoa, known on this blog simply, eloquently, as The Turd.

Anyway, here is a new Dr. Anthony Kirkpatrick video meant to expose, inform, and help:

Part 2 cannot be embedded, but here is the link to it:  Part II: Do doctors torture patients with CRPS?
Part 3 cannot be embedded, either:  Part III: Do Doctors Torture Patients?

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