Saturday, October 27, 2012

Is Extreme Truth Spam or Not Spam?

The person who made this video added it as a "video response" to two of my CRPS / RSD vids on YouTube.  Someone at YouTube decided that it was spam, so it cannot be seen -- except by going to the videographer's own channel (user name Kevscar1).  To be specific, Kevscar1's montage was marked as spam on one of my uploads, and completely deleted from the other.

I am quite fuzzy-headed, tired, febrile, and yadda -- but even clear-headed, energetic, cool-as-a-cucumber, and yadda?  I don't think I'd understand, even then, why this video response had to be removed or marked as "junk."

I could only watch it once, and while it was upsetting, I am not convinced that it is spam or so disturbing that it required removal..  It's self-serving, self-pitying, and an exaggeration of what CRPS / RSD is like -- which is exactly what some might say about my own pitiable artistic endeavors.

"No, it's not." That's the echo in my head.  Kevscar1's work is no exaggeration, it's just what no one wants to see or hear.  It's the truth, but we all know that truth is the first casualty in so many human endeavors.

But it is not something that someone newly diagnosed needs to see.  It is not how the majority of cases turn out.  Remember:  early diagnosis and correct, aggressive treatment usually leads to a cure!  In other words, it does not have to be the truth; it is not a truthful inevitability.

I didn't check the audio... watched it on mute, in mute horror.  How long before my wounds and ulcers will stop healing, too?  When will my frequently scheduled, but always postponed, DIY Dim Sum and High Tea Party Amputation of All Limbs stop being a joke?  (Whenever I figure out how to cut off that last remaining arm, that's when!  Tricky business... very tricky.)

So tell me, whether you have CRPS / RSD or whether you don't -- should this vid be classified as spam, and why, or why not?  Would an age restriction have sufficed?  Why leave the vid available on Kevscar1's channel but claim it too... too... whatever as a video response to my own CRPS commentaries?

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  1. I thought it was an excellent video. For people without any medical background, I suppose the images could be disturbing. I suspect what got it off youtube was the self-amputation picture - that did make me cringe. Maybe a more effective video without showing that one, even though true.

  2. i think you're right, the shot of he chopped digits crossed "the line."

    do you think that was a real photo (in that it actually related to CRPS / RSD)? this is a crude remark, so who better to make it than moi: a person with CRPS / RSD would chop off the whole hand, at *least*.

    i'm just sayin'.

    did it look to you as if -- in the photo with wide splits in the skin of lower leg -- the cuts were surgically made (versus my preferred DIY methods)? would that be done to relieve pressure/lymphatic fluid?

    thanks for your commentary, TAM.

  3. I don't know if that photo was real or not. I must admit, I didn't even look to closely at that one. But either way, I agree I think it crossed the line. Perhaps they'd leave the video up there as the person's own, but think it's inappropriate to link it to another person's (yours). I'm just speculating.

    The legs, those did look like surgical cuts to me. I was thinking of Escharotomy - but that is just for burns. Similar cuts may be made apparently to relieve/prevent compartment syndrome from swelling. So I'm guessing you might be right here. They look too neat to be self-inflicted, at least by the average person. I'm just guessing however.


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