Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Smoking Tweets From The Loon

i've referenced the loon over at phil mcgraw's web site several times.  the loon i am referring to is the one who is so disturbed as to think herself a member of dr. philly-poo's family -- his actual family and his extended one on television.  for all i know, she's cast herself as oprah's long lost older sister.

i've been posting some over there in support of a friend and also have been getting some general pleasure out of it, meeting some new people, renewing old friendships.

someone put the old bug in my ear... and i discover that now the loon is blaming my temporary use of an avatar depicting a "jaundiced eye" as a purposeful planting of an "evil eye" -- that subsequently caused her stress, enough stress to bring on a case of psychogenic bell's palsy.

i know that giving her the attention she is craving doesn't help matters. but it keeps my brains from splattering all over the ceiling.  i threw her a bone a while back, admitting to being her personal bully, but you know what?  i lied.  i bully what she represents -- narcissism, racism, classism, an elitism not natural but cultivated, like a perfect pearl.  she's not any more mentally ill than most of us -- she is the embodiment of the munchausen syndrome, but the good baron's malady aimed at society at large.  well, and at me.

if i had the power to inflict anything upon her via my choice of twitter or fake-ass mcgraw's website avatars, trust me, i'd not choose mamby-pamby bell's palsy.  maybe psyche-crippling humility, maybe droplets of hot wax on the pollyanna backdrop of her honeyed bullshit... but no, not bell's palsy.  that's like giving permission to a bilge machine to keep on churning out that goddamn bilge.

so thanks be to god that my avatars are not imbued with powers of any sort.  at present, for twitter purposes, i am using this mesmerizing placard as evil avatar:

anyway, may it please the court, here are the smoking tweets. to wit to woo:

@DrPhil Do anti-bully pledge show for ALL who watch UR show & are members of UR website. Bullied online by Dr. Phil Website members twice...

@DrPhil Too, request moderators to notice odd profile pictures chosen by bullies. Commonality of bullies is to choose "Evil Eye" profile pic

@DrPhil One person bullying me online THREE YEARS chose "evil eye" profile pic on UR website. Due to stress got Bell's Palsy October 5, 2012

@DrPhil After I blocked bully here immediately stalked me to UR website sporting "evil eye" pic. Bullies often use pics etc. to bully online

@DrPhil Same bully who stalked me to URwebsite SUM2012 put mean note on my youtube Bday video did for U. UR staff asked for Bday videos 2010

ADDENDUM:  Thursday, 15 November 2012 -- I feel obliged, given my superpowers as expressed by my profile picture over at Twitter, to report that I have changed it once again.  Mwa mwa ha ha!  There is, however, once again, an "eye" connection, but one that you'd not discern without this freely given confession.  It's a photo taken by one of my brothers of my grandfather.  He, like me, went blind from glaucoma. (I exaggerate, I'm not blind yet.  Granddaddy, however, was blind as a bat.)  Still, he knew his land so well that he could check on every crop, every tree, every bird feeder, even sightless.  Of course, he also once fired a gun at his brother-in-law -- who was so obnoxious that not too many people got upset about it.  More importantly, he missed.  Then, too, there was the terrifying spectacle of him mowing his full acre front lawn... on a riding mower.  In this photo, he was checking, I suppose, whether the tree needed pruning -- which he'd likely accomplish with a freaking machete.  But the bottom line, here, is that despite the leitmotif of THE EYE reoccuring... this is just a picture of an old man I loved:

*****     *****     *****     *****     *****     *****     *****     *****     *****     *****     *****     
oddly enough, my first use of the jaundiced eye image was in a post called "Internet Con Artists: A Cautionary Tale."

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