Monday, November 12, 2012

From Time's Newsfeed (and *MORE*): "Where Did All Those Racist Anti-Obama Tweets Come From...?"

Where Did All Those Racist Anti-Obama Tweets Come From? Here’s the Science

The racist social-media comments that greeted Barack Obama’s re-election on Tuesday ran the gamut from the ignorant to the hateful. Now a group of academics at the Floating Sheep blog has taken some of the worst statements on Twitter — which the group calls “some of the nastiest tweets you might possibly imagine” — and projected them onto a map of the U.S. The result? Nine of the 10 worst states, by number of racist comments, went to Republican candidate Mitt Romney in the Nov. 6 election.

The researchers — the blog is run by geography scholars mostly based in the U.S. — selected hundreds of racist remarks from the final week of the election campaign and correlated the geotagging information embedded in them to the states they originated from. Alabama and Mississippi scored worst, with eight times as many racist tweets as the national average, according to the study. Georgia, North Dakota, Louisiana, Tennessee, Missouri, West Virginia and Minnesota all ranked three to four times above the national average in terms of prevalence of racist tweets. Among those 10 states, only Minnesota voted for Obama.

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The genesis for posting this lead-in to the Time's article was prompted by anger at those sub-radar sheep racists who suffer more from narcissistic personality disorder than any sort of racism endowed with insight, folks such as my oft-cited... THE LOON.  I could choose a myriad, dozens, lots -- though some were deleted, and a wretched few "apologized" for, usually in terms of "I hope I wasn't MISUNDERSTOOD.." -- you know that old trick.  But I will just pick the one that I can't get out of my head, mostly because she's so blithefully innocent and naieve, like a cobra getting ready to sink its fangs into the tender skin of The Republic:

@oreillyfactor Sympathizers of Illegals endeared by @realDonaldTrump assertions that POTUS one of them & in USA illegally. Many anti-white.

She prides herself on her intelligence, on her insight, and gives -- in support of inbred genius -- the same examples over and over and over and over again, mostly in the form of grievances against corporations who "stole" her ideas.  I imagine you could do a search with the terms "seaangels14," "pixiku," "pinkmimosabloom," and the SEARS corporation to get an idea of what I mean.  Well, she's infatuated with Jim Sears of The Doctors TV show, so that might take up much of the more recent entries... Anyway, she's a rogue genius who invents broad, general, pretty common ideas and then accuses corporations ("people too!") of stealing them, thus denying her some sort of recompense that usually amounts to a demand for a house in Oklahoma, or a head-to-toe makeover for herself and her husband.

She is, I should remember, clearly ill, and one of the key signs of her illness ramping up its engine speed, pulling out onto the runway, and readying for a death-spiral of a takeoff, is the mention of SEARS ripping off her home makeover idea or President Clinton (extramarital oral sex in the Oval Office is obviously less of a Joel Oversteen Sin than being black and not Amerikan) and his "endorsement" of her educational reform notions.  It could just as easily be a good strong rant on "illegals" to The Donald or Joe Arpaio or maybe the genteel Southern bitchslap of sending The President of the United States a recipe for her favorite African soup.

But she did achieve a kind of fame, of which she is doubtless unaware:  making it to a database of "questionable" tweets to Barack Obama maintained by some bot employed by the University of Iowa research project:

8/25/2010 3:14 AM @BarackObama I was asking @DrPhil if maybe 1st dates should be to donate blood since donated blood is tested for STD's, Hepatitis C, & HIV.*

This collection reflects Political Science Professor G.R. Boynton's research of how new media trends such as microblogging and streaming video are transforming the way people exchange political information. His collection of campaign videos is available in the Presidential Campaign Videos collection. He writes about his ongoing research on his website.

Professor Boynton's project studying Twitter received the Center for Research Libraries' 2010 Primary Source Award for Research for his innovative use of primary source materials. His Twitter data is archived here in csv and xml formats.

At least I'm not the only one noticing.  She'll fall back on the fact that I've admitted to bullying her.  She'll never understand what I intend by "bullying" her -- noting her poorly-honed nonchalance at what I consider treasonous utterances.  Okay, well, at least, terroristic threats.  All right, maybe just PROFOUND bad taste?  What I absolutely fail to believe is what would render my close attention to such "apolitical" and "naive" public utterances -- that she is so disabled as to not be responsible for them.  That's easy enough to discern by her patterns of attack, remorse, semi-recant, and then, pretty swiftly, some sort of slightly altered restatement of her original racist, classist, xenophobic attacks -- all the more acidic for her cover as an unrecognized genius of a Texan Domestic Engineer.

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