Friday, December 14, 2012

the queen of france says: Non!

regarding the burgeoning brouhaha over the new UC logo, i, the queen of france, come down on the side of the proverbial french prof's sine qua non:  "non, non, non, et... non!"

there are those who would argue that the proverbial french prof's sine qua non is actually the triplicate of no, "non, non, et non," but they are wrong.  also, native speakers disagree.

i mean, really, folks, from this to that?

oh, excusez-moi, i forgot to share the intricate and catchy manner of how the new logo was born.  prepare to be bedazzled:

the new... thing... evokes visions of extreme roto-rootering or republican misunderestimated notions of what the (female) uterus might look like.

(a whole other post is necessary to unpack their gerbalized visions of male uteri.)

also, doesn't it call up a failed tsunami warning that might go perfectly as signage by a frequently avalanched overhang along the pacific coast highway?

or maybe a reminder to put your partial or whole artificial teeth parts into a fizzing cleaning solution.

i may have worn skin-tight pants, lots of black, no bra, and a new hair style every week whilst honing my wits up and down telegraph avenue -- hell, i may have quivered provocatively just below the heels of the hep boots of derrida and foucault, full of shameless and misguided frissons -- but the traditions of the place held, and hold, a secret allure as well.  touching the lineage of jack weinberg, mario savio, suzanne goldberg, richard aoki (i refuse to believe the fbi turned him). and -- above all -- the polka-dot man, did not mean that i also gave up on the iconic victorian reminder of the need for light, and books.

and yeah, i, the feline queen of the snobbish polygon, am a secret fan of john robinson, who shoved off the pilgrims from their home shores with this assurance: "God has yet more light and truth to break forth out of his holy Word."

plus.jacques and michel weren't such hep cats, after all, turning out to be mortal, scared, and more pro than anti anything.

the queen of france has spoken.

also, "even gavin newsom thinks the new u.c. logo sucks," and as this lieutenant governor and voting mrmber of the reified board of regents put it: "Instead of being creative with the University of California logo we should be searching for creative solutions for funding the University of California."

the queen of france always slithers back into her bathwater on a note of gravitas.

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