Monday, March 11, 2013

Love in the Time of Dobby

Dobby is obsessed with grooming.  Rather, Dobby is obsessed with being brushed.  We have, at least, five different brush sets -- some meant for humans, which he prefers, and the more expensive, less effective ones designed specifically for cats.

He immediately separates the comb from the brush.  The comb means that I am going after the trouble spot at the base of his tail -- dandruff -- and he does not enjoy that.  Usually, he knocks it to the floor.  Today, he just made off with it.

All the cats are bothered by recording, except Buddy, whose arrival coincided with my first video camera.  So I was very surprised that Dobby behaved fairly normally, except that he didn't flop and  "give me the belly" with his usual alacrity.  His belly produces a prodigious amount of hair that I'd rather brush off at the source than breathe in off a pillow...

He is also extremely paranoid about the other cats seeing him groomed.  He heard Buddy in another room at some point and his head barely swiveled away from that point on...

We do this at least three times a day -- this was clearly more play than a dedicated effort to get at his shedding hair.  This is Dobby Time.


  1. That's so funny, how he removes the comb!
    Happy cat.

  2. fresca, my dear, would you like more dobby videos? a happy cat is a treasure. buddy is, of course, perennially happy -- but that is less fun than dobby, who can pout with the best of them, and who, as noted, will take out an enemy in a heartbeat (i.e., the comb). we fear that marmy is returning to a feral state... she came to us that way and it is hard to see her go back. but we supply her needs, and pet her if she'll allow it, and that seems all she wants. fred says to be patient, but you know... i'm not! (i was hoping you'd keep painting... was it not enjoyable enough. so what about the bagel!)


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