Tuesday, May 21, 2013

CTTC closed at... $0.201

Competitive Technologies, Inc (CTTC)

0.201 ▼ -0.1187 (-37.13%)
Volume: 147,847

The enemy of my enemy is my friend, isn't that how that macho nonsense goes?  You'd likely not believe me, given the recent tenor of my blog, you know, what with continuing to carry the Turd Banner, waving it o'er the head of Dr. Jose Ochoa, money-grubbing soul-sucker of CRPS pain sufferers, patron of the insurance arts.  Oh, and CALMARE, "Scramber therapy," and CTTC?

You didn't really think that was upsetting me in any conceivable way, did you?  Did I forget to mention that I hold nearly all the remaining shares of CTTC, that I'm taking over, mwa ha ha!

That was a very bad joke.  Captain Haddock has told me to knock it off, via miniature submarine communiqué -- a technology that CTTC might well look into in its next incarnation.  Think of the applications!  Surely some slightly modified TENS unit -- maybe with 6 extra nano-channels, knobs painted red -- can channel wormhole radar communication capable of cutting through 8 feet of foul moat algae into a cure for CRPS pain?  Oh, and hemorrhoids, and their inherent discomfort.

I am stealing one last post from InvestorsHub CTTC message board, which, I assume, shall be heaving that respiratory pattern known to scientists as Cheyne–Stokes, those dying gasps.  I'm posting this to reassure everyone that CALMARE/"Scrambler therapy," and CTTC never had your or anyone else's pain relief in mind.

Remember what makes the world go round?

My motivation? Just something to do when the trading day gets boring.
However, I admit to finding company's entire death spiral quite interesting.
I mean, four years ago, Nano -- for who knows what reasons -- apparently decided to ditch CTTC's previous business model in order to start selling an alleged "miracle" painkilling machine from Italy.
Now, it's not clear to me whether Nano actually planned to sell the thing or whether he simply planned on using it to sell CTTC stock.
If they actually planned on selling it, then it certainly seems clear CTTC didn't research the device or do any sort of survey of potential demand for it.
Given that the original business "plan" was to never maintain an inventory but to simply ship the devices from GEOMC as they were ordered, and that there was never any effort to write a "guarantee" for the device, or to establish any sort of "service" for customers in the event the device broke down, it really doesn't look like they were actually looking to build a REAL business.
My own thought is that the plan was similar to that pursued with the "MC Squared" -- do a lot of promotion in order to attract buyers for the stock and then just abandon the device.
This notion is supported by Nano hiring his relative to set up the phoney "Innovative Medical Therapies" company so CTT could issue a press release announcing a phoney 10 million dollar order.
From there, things get murky. Maybe they began to believe their own press releases and actually thought they had a real product since they enlisted people to open clinics and do research.
Perhaps things just got out of hand after patients failed to appear and none of the multitude of anticipated clinics announced in press releases ever opened and third party reimbursers thumbed their noses at them.
In any case, here it is four years later and all they have to show for their efforts is a room filled with "miracle" pain killing machines that they can't seem to give away.
And the deal with Blackridge and the failure to file their 10K -- a MAJOR black mark on any company -- suggests that they have reached that stage where they are little more than a trading vehicle for penny stock jobbers. 

I think that about says it all.  Bye-bye CTTC,. Bye-bye CALMARE, Bye-bye "Scrambler Therapy"!  Good luck reinventing yourself, Dr. Cooney (Michael J. -- chiropractor) ,  Dr. Robert Chalmers.(Ob/Gyn), and all the rest of you financially inept, pain-inducing, soul-sucking turds.

One thing is for sure, Giuseppe Marineo is laughing all the way to the bank, where he is probably now best known as an underwater supersonic wormhole expert.  Captain Haddock, via SubSkype, just laughed and said, "I've got you're back, you CRPSer, you!" As he signed off, I heard him yell something about "fresh bait."

No wonder Bianca Castafiore loves him so...

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