Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"His murderers left sand in his throat..."

this is a copy of an email from pura vida bracelets.  i am not trying to sell bracelets!  i do want, however, to transmit the information about this murder and the war on those trying to promote leatherback sea turtle conservation in costa rica.  rather than retype the info, it's just easier on my eyes right now to cut and paste -- i apologize if it seems like i'm hawking a product -- i'm not.

i'm hawking a cause.
i'm hawking justice.

Sea Turtles and Murder in Costa Rica

Okay, listen up...

On May 31st, just before midnight, a 26 year old Costa Rican environmentalist and biology student named Jairo Mora Sandoval was murdered on the very beach he was trying to protect. 

He was fighting to protect the critically endangered Leatherback Sea Turtles from poachers.

Tragically it was Jairo that needed the protection.

His murderers left sand in his throat as a clear message to the conservationists.

They wanted to silence him.

Before his murder, he posted on his Facebook page making a plea to the police to take action against the poachers on Moin Beach, in Costa Rica, because the “hueveros” (egg thieves) felt he was a threat.
Leatherback Sea Turtles

"Working on turtle conservation has always been difficult, and now everyone is surely going to be scared of trying to help", says the head of the World Wildlife Foundation’s marine turtle efforts.

We can't be scared.

We can't let the poachers silence this.

And we need your help.

Turtle conservation projects are being threatened right now because of the murder, and they need funding to remain open.

If the projects close, the poachers win.

That's why we are creating a bracelet to help support the turtle conservationists.

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