Thursday, June 20, 2013

is that you?

hi sweeties --

i copy below the group email just mailed out to my nearest and dearest as an explanation for why this blog probably shall be put on ice for a bit.  i can't see a blessed thing.  well, that's a huge exagerration... but writing is a pain.  fear not, however, for a plan is being put in place:

hey all -- this is a group email.  i saw (as if through a fog... sorry!) the eye doc yesterday.  now, the internet claims it's impossible but she is claiming i now have two cataracts in each eye for a total of four.  she further claimed that it's possible to have a total of three per eye.  do i have yet another whacked out doctor?  let us hope not.  she hopes to avoid doing surgery at the same time to make a drainage hole in each eye because of glaucoma but won't decide until the last minute.  the cataract surgery causes a natural spike in eye pressure and she wants to see the latest pressures before deciding.

i have to have general anesthesia because of the crps dystonia (the infamous spaz attacks, not a great idea during eye surgery.  "oops!").  that means finding a hospital/facility with an anesthesia department that will agree to operate on a person with a systemic infection. 

1, 2, 3:  crazy laughter!

we went ahead and scheduled it at two places, crossing our fingers, but "talks" are still ongoing about the infection.  the bacteria i harbor in my bones is infamous for post-op eye infection.  but, of course. anyway, i need to take a few weeks of prophylactic meds and get medically cleared (more laughter) so we are looking at august and september.  they do each eye two weeks apart.

fred was stellar.  he was there to help me absorb info and also to charm the pretty doctor.  she talks a mile a minute.  in the middle of about the third mile, i glance over at him to see if he is okay with what she is proposing post-op (almost daily trips to her office for pressure checks for a month, o joy) -- and fred is deeply engrossed in a novel.  so i hit him.  at least it slowed her down, because she cracked up.  fred resumed reading...

so please excuse if i am not quite as verbose as usual -- i can barely see to write and am doing so these days with a great deal of magnification and even then, most everything is a blur.

but all will be well. one day.

i am gonna miss james gandolfini.

that is all.  please resume whatever you were doing.  oh, yes.  i love you!

retired educator, blind bat


  1. Dear Retired Educator/Bianca,

    Ah, I am only intermittently on the blogosphere, but I do hope you and your wickedsmart posts won't be gone tooooo long.

    When I was working in the nursing home last summer, before I overstretched my wrist tendons, like rubber bands
    -- (one year later, they are still tender, but fully operative so long as I don't try to swing my cast-iron skillet around, which, I had never realized, one rather does, in cooking) ---
    anyway, when I was a nursing assistant, I learned about voice recognition software and how much it has improved.

    Forgive me, you are a well-informed person and I don't want to do that obnoxious unwanted problem-solving thing, but have you considered this option---software such as Dragon for voice activated computer use is less than $100.
    (Maybe there's some free shareware?)

    Sending love and my best to you and your eyes, beauty beyond comp-a-a-a--are! jewels bright... tra la! tra la!

    P.S. What novel was Fred reading?

    P.P.S Happy Summer!

  2. Good luck, I hope you don't stay away too long. Fingers crossed that things go smoothly.


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