Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Calmare Felons

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From Yahoo user lonzooscar, on the CTTC (parent company for the fraudulent, soul-sucking, money-grubbing snake oil salespeople of CALMARE, touted to "cure" CRPS):

More laughs courtesy CTTC...

I had posted previously someone else's claim that a Dr. Jeff Jex was offering the first three calmare treatments free with continuation of the therapy optional.

I thought it only fair to see if he had a website that would confirm the claim.

Well, as it turned out Dr. had a slew of websites -- "axiswellnesscenter," "lindon.eliminateneckpain,"" autoinjurychiropractoraz.," and possibly several others.

But I finally found his "calmarearizona" website.

However, I found nothing about free treatments anywhere on the site.

But what I DID find while searching was a reference to Dr. Jex in the minutes of a 2008 meeting of the "Arizona Board of Chiropractic Examiners."

It turns out that he had been on their applicants with disclosed felony list!

I don't know which made me laugh more -- that he was on the list or that the "chiropractor examiners" board even had an applicants with disclosed felony list.

There were actually three other people on it besides him!

In any case, it got me to thinking that, given Marineo's brush with the law as well as CTTC's recent decision to employ Bruce Bertman -- the felon convicted of multiple counts of fraud involving a penny stock -- as a calmare distributor, I was thinking maybe CTTC could start a halfway house of some sort.

Of course, that presumes CTTC would be interested in helping rehabilitate them and not simply looking to exploit their "talents."

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