for bill: summer breeze

i miss our
perfect fit.

alpine skier
low hips
tennis cross
court thighs

lip to lip
all the rest
aligned relaxed, 
all energy shunted 
to the shifting
vectors of our
happy mouths.

i remember the run
to the music room
with you gliding
weirdly beside
on unseen snow
we locked and latched
the dutch door

i lay on the floor
you melded
your legs held
within mine
your longer hair
drowning my eyes
arms at our sides
in gravid gravity

laughing friends
hammered at the divided
entry their demand
of music for the massive
volleyball game
under the haze
of marijuana
and the fog
of warm breath
meeting cold air

we fell away

i grabbed pink
floyd for mood
you dug up
seals and crofts
you loved the fiddle
and the mandolin
i loved rubie jean
and billie lee

we were roundly
and soundly booed
but everyone still 
sang along with diamond
girl as they
set and spiked
broke glasses 
and one nose
i could never find
another one like you
i still hear the slice
of the sluicing ice
on the slopes
of val d'isère
and miss
our perfect fit
our hips
our lips