Thursday, August 1, 2013

RSDSA: Macy's Shop for a Cause

RSDSA with Mission 
On behalf of RSDSA, I want to encourage you to participate in the 2013 Macy's Shop for a Cause campaign on Saturday, August 24. In an effort to make sure we have your coupons emailed to you in time the cut off to purchase coupons in Thursday, August 22.
Please help RSDSA provide education, support, and hope to all those impacted by CRPS/RSD by participating in Macy's Shop for a Cause campaign. For a $5 investment, individuals will receive a 25% off coupon which can be used when you shop in a Macy's store on Saturday, August 24. It's a perfect gift for yourself or as a small thank you for a loved one, a member of your health care team, or a neighbor who has been helpful during this past year. Utilize this unique opportunity as a means of spreading "random acts of kindness."
To order your coupon(s) click the link which will take you to the RSDSA website, then click the "Add to Cart" button to order your coupon(s). Once we have your order we will email you the coupon in pdf format.
If you want to make a huge difference, contact Sue Pinkham at or by phone, 781.771.2095 and she will mail you 25 coupons.
Thank you in advance for your help.
Best of health,
Jim Broatch, MSW
executive Vice President, Director  
Be sure to visit the RSDSA webiste for the latest CRPS/RSD information including new treatment options, valuable resources, upcoming, events, and Support Group in your area.
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Jim Broatch

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