Tuesday, September 10, 2013

To the person in Gig Harbor who keeps logging on to read about Lindsey Baum:

You have repeatedly visited this blog to read, apparently, the same post about Lindsey, over and over during the past three days.

If you know something about the case, I urge you to contact the Phone Tip line at 1-866-915-8299 or to email soadmin@co.grays-harbor.wa.us

You can also simply dial 911 anywhere and provide any information you might have.

I realize you are probably someone who simply misses Lindsey and maybe are just revisiting the past, as I know how frustrating it must be not to have any leads in an endangered missing child case.  If you want to read all the posts on this blog about her, click HERE -- not every post is exactly "on point," but maybe you will find the information you seek.

She has been gone since June 26, 2009.

If you do know something, even something that seems minor, please share it.  And... there is a $35,000 reward for information leading to Lindsey.

© 2013 L. Ryan

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