Thursday, December 5, 2013

Inside Edition Airs Two CRPS Videos

*hmmm. i am not sure why the two Inside Edition vids begin playing automatically.  my apologies for the onslaught of sudden noise.  perhaps {she prays} the problem will just disappear.  [this is why i had to abort my career as a Life Coach.]
*well, i got so fed up finally that i replaced the vids with links TO the vids.  apologies (again) for the inconvenience.

They're simplistic by necessity -- how to explain CRPS in roughly three minutes -- but a good introduction.  I am awed by the woman who gets relief from people rubbing her leg, with a rough looking blanket, no less, but beyond that, it's a fair depiction.  How I wish, though, that those of us with CRPS did not sound so certifiably insane in our verbal attempts to share what its pain is like!  The python reference was a new one for me.

I have trimmed down my answer (in non-blog life) to:  "The pain is constant and severe. It varies from burning to stabbing to throbbing.  If accompanied by spasms, it is intolerable."

In between the two Inside Edition videos, I've inserted one of my own old "standards." It's about 2.5 years old, and things aren't better, so use your vivid imagination -- in technicolor! I WISH I had the "problem" of people thinking there is nothing wrong with me.  My problem is that when strangers, even medicos, see my feet or legs for the first time, they offer to drive me to the Emergency Room.  Seriously!  My first visit to my shoulder orthopedic surgeon, his nurse kept saying:  "But, sweetie, we can't even look at your shoulder until you go get that foot treated!  Were y'all in a wreck on the way here?" She now doesn't even flinch.

Doctor Explains Mysterious CRPS Condition

Mysterious CRPS Condition Hits Home For Inside Edition Reporter

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