Thursday, December 19, 2013

News Flash! Fred Has Extra Large Brain But NO Acoustic Neuroma!

Are you seated?  This post contains nothing but the best of news.

First, that which was already assumed to be true has now been confirmed by scientific evidence.  Fred's skull contains the largest and most active neural network ever documented, such that it is beyond the linguistic limits of the definition for "brain."  Therefore, all those arguments I so egotistically placed in my Win Column were Pity Wins.

I am appropriately awed, and retroactively chastised.

Second, and an occasion for bubbly, if ever there was one:  Fred had his MRI this afternoon and was told but a few hours later that nothing showed in or between his fleshy ears except the aforementioned surplus of smarts.

Relieved not to have a brain tumor that favors the brain stem, Fred is still facing the unexplained loss of hearing in his right ear and the acquisition of annoying noise in lieu of my soothing dulcet tones.  It's a hard blow for a dedicated audiophile and student of several musical instruments.

Even so, as I'm fond of watching him snorkel his way around the moat during the daily algae inspection, while I sip my coffee from the drier climes of the drawbridge, I am here to help him deal with hearing loss, but so much happier a helpmate than if he were facing brain surgery and facial nerve paralysis.

Thanks so very much to those of you who have kept Fred in mind and prayer.

© 2013 L. Ryan


  1. HOORAY!!! for Fred's brain!
    That is good news indeed!
    Happy cats, all around!

  2. Indeed! I have done many times the happy dance, full of new dips and twirls, to celebrate his good fortune. Happy happy to you, chère Fresca, and Merry merry to yours!


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