Thursday, January 23, 2014

My First Use of Obamacare: Two Thumbs Up

Dear President Obama:

I thought you might like to know how my first use of "Obamacare" coverage, obtained through, went, and whether it was, in general, a thumbs up or down situation.

Two thumbs way up, sir!

I saw one of my new doctors on Tuesday. Due to electronic transmission of records, my daunting list of 20 medications preceded my arrival, so figuring out which ones required immediate renewal was easy.  I needed x-rays of my decrepit bones and got them, immediately - while  my prescriptions were filled.

I mentioned to the doctor that my former internist wanted me to have a hospital bed, with a trapeze (I've always wanted to be one of the "flying Wallendas"!).  I try to follow the Rule of Threes when I see a doctor and only mention 3 concerns or needs.  More than that can be overwhelming.  So, though I mentioned the bed and trapeze, I was not sure he even heard me.

Guess what is arriving at my home this afternoon? That's right!  A hospital bed with trapeze. Two days after mentioning the need in passing, almost under my breath, and voilà.

While writing this letter to you, I got a phone call, scheduling my first appointment with a pain management doctor in March.

I was treated courteously and professionally at every turn.  There were no flashing lights over my head announcing "Obamacare recipient, receiving tax credit assistance with her premium, despite enough medical problems to bankrupt the entire nation." None of that!

I filled 5 prescriptions for $75. I paid a $30 co-pay to see the doctor.  There will be a rental fee for the bed/trapeze, but it goes toward my reasonable deductible.

It almost feels like America again.  I don't feel like a "taker," or someone having great fun with "entitlements." I am paying my fair share, and struggle to live within my means.  I am a "permanently and totally disabled" French prof, who gladly would give up hospital bed and wheelchair to stand in a classroom again, sharing, helping, guiding, working.

This was certainly not how I envisioned things turning out.

It's my birthday tomorrow and this is my first "thank you" note: for the gift of "Obamacare" and the ACA, for the gift of people who listen and hear, for the many people who make a tough life tolerable.

Anyway, that's how my first use of my new coverage worked out.

Excellent work, Mr. President, and thank you.

© 2013 L. Ryan

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