Monday, March 31, 2014

Braden Hofen

Hi, Dear Readers --

I'm pulling my head out of... the sand just long enough to ask that you send glorious thoughts, wishes, and prayers of hope into the amazingly blue ether in the name of young Braden Hofen, who is receiving a bone marrow transplant from his brother Zach in just one-half hour.

Short notice, but the universe can handle it.

As can you.

He's one of my four (more or less) CaringBridge kids, and he's an interesting lad.  He's autistic, yet quite social, and a hot shot basketball player.  He's in isolation, as his immune system has been destroyed (on purpose) in preparation for the arrival of Zach's cells at 1:30 EDT.  The chemotherapy and its accompanying woes has not slowed his Nerf swooshes and 3-pointers.

His mom, Deliece, had a cancer journey herself, so she has too good an understanding of how he feels and a well-nourished hatred of the disease.  It is Braden's second cancer, his first having returned, and this current leukemia the gift of a "side effect" of the treatments for the primary disease.  A truly suckifying situation.

Here is Deliece's request.  I've never met her or Braden, but have read enough of her prolific and expressive accounts to know that she'd rejoice over a simple nod to the sky on behalf of Braden and Zach as much as she'd thrill over a formal Mass at the Vatican.

You can follow and catch up on their story at Braden's CaringBridge site.

A request...
1 hour ago
Hi Army,
I will save the explanation of how things are going right now but Zach was AMAZING and Z-Force is rocking it out! The doctors got a good cell dose and Zach is in recovery, smiling! I'm beyond proud of him!

We just heard that the cells are going to be transfused into Braden at 12:30 central, 1:30 EDT. I have a request for you. Would you please take just a moment at the appropriate time in your zone and send Braden and Zach positive thoughts, prayers, hope, whatever your heart leads you to do?

We have made this request a few times in the past when we have had significant events that were going to change the game. This is one of those's Braden's last chance. These cells MUST engraft...and frankly, engraft quickly to spare him greater complications, they MUST kill any remaining cancer cells, and they MUST be vigilant and take out any returning cells that may appear. Braden's organs must be protected for the rest of transplant.

That is what we need and we need the Army to hope for us now. Each time we have done this at a collective time, we have been able to literally feel your arms around us holding us up. You are our Aaron and Hur.

Together, we can do this. I completely believe the army is one of the major reasons Braden is here to fight this battle. Your hope, you believing in him...and now Zach, your prayers MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Please share with others and ask them to do the same. There is no such thing as too much HOPE!

Thank you everyone!

LET'S GO Z-FORCE!!! are going DOWN!  


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