Friday, July 25, 2014

Read This, Thought of You...

Yesterday's "Poem of the Day" from The American Academy of Poets

Nick Flynn

Nick Flynn, 1960

Years later I’m standing before a roomful of young writers in a 
high school in Texas. I’ve asked them to locate an image in a 
poem we’d just read—their heads at this moment are bowed to 
the page. After some back & forth about the grass & a styrofoam 
cup, a girl raises her hand & asks, Does it matter? I smile—it is as 
if the universe balanced on those three words & we’ve landed in 
the unanswerable. I have to admit that no, it doesn’t, not really, 
matter, if rain is an image or rain is an idea or rain is a sound in 
our heads. But, I whisper, leaning in close, to get through the 
next forty-seven minutes we might have to pretend it does.

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