Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Update on Brayden, Hugger Extraordinaire...

For those of you who have followed some of the CaringBridge kids that have been featured in this blog, here's an update on the irrepressible Brayden Martin, his Mom Maranda, wild brother Mason, and super grandmother Robin -- and more friends and family than a person could count.

Maranda took him to the ER due to behavior changes and a mother's instinct.  There's been a determination of disease progression in Brayden's brain, with the inevitable side effect of swelling.  In a heap of bad timing, his port has stopped working, and he won't get another until tomorrow.  If an MRI confirms the CT findings from the ER, Maranda has made the difficult decision to take Brayden home on hospice care.

He's been on corticosteroids and so is obsessed with food, and despite the dire situation, this has brought some levity to their days.  Hopefully, he'll be off the stuff soon, and his mind can shift to other things than constant hunger.

The goal is to raise money to help Brayden's Family with his hospice care. Right now, we want him pain free and to alleviate as much stress on the family as possible during this time as they look at options. Anything you can donate will help in doing so. If you have any questions, please contact me at ashley.klanac@gmail.com
Nolan Blake and Brayden Martin

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