Tuesday, September 2, 2014

thinking of kate...

a quick note to ask for good thoughts, vibes, prayers, and meditations for kate mcrae, her mom holly, dad aaron, brother and sister, will and olivia.  kate began having seizures a few weeks ago, and instead of things improving, the seizures have become more frequent.  they may be a result of the intensive radiation she received and that sent her into a remarkably long period of remission, or... cure.  they may also be signs of a recurrence of her cancer.  until now she's been doing remarkably well, balancing physical therapy and a triumphant return to school.  she is again walking a tightrope...

Kate Mcrae on CaringBridge

holly's entry on caringbridge just a little while ago:


It's been unfortunately eventful. In short after an ambulance ride we are in the ER awaiting a transfer to CHLA for admission. They are hoping to repeat her EEG tomorrow while inpatient and hopefully do her brain MRI. There is much going on. Much to ask and pray for. Join us. Not least of all that cancer will not be present. And that they can stop these seizures for good. 

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