Sunday, October 26, 2014

Ethan Hallmark's Documentary -- His Second Story

You, Sweet Cutie-Pie Readers, get enough of my solemnity and negative tendencies.

For those of you sure of your faith, or at least not resentful of it, here is a real gift, announced by Ethan Hallmark's Mom Rachel on her CaringBridge journal:

Matt and I cannot believe the time is here for Ethan's beautiful documentary to be available for everyone to see. There will be a premiere in our hometown tomorrow (visit the Ethan Film Launch page on Facebook for info). The film will be made available to everyone this Tuesday on the I Am Second site ( Please join us as we pray for Ethan's story to continuously be used for God's glory. Pray that it will encourage many who are suffering through their own trials and afflictions
It's been a month since Ethan died.  I still treasure him as a normal kid, over and beyond his extraordinary manifestations of belief and trust in God.  I love the way he was a big brother, the way he enjoyed his friends, his love of fishing (hypocrite that I am, his other hunting never thrilled me), and, yes, the inspiring way he conducted himself along the way.  I confess to wanting to hear stories of him acting like a frustrated, pissed off kid now and then, but that's not the narrative being offered and perhaps he never was that kid.

Please check out his documentary:

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