Sunday, December 14, 2014

stage whisper: the password is... "oppression"

if my contracted fingers hold out, you've a magnificent, soul-rending passage from jean anouilh to look forward to on these erudite pages later today.  also, fred may look forward to some sort of baked christmas treat -- or early birthday temptation, as he shares the 25th with christ as a birthing day. and, i'm sure, as you contemplate the horror of a second sandy hook anniversary without real change to gun control attitudes, much less legislation, you're looking forward to the sunday "news" shows explaining, as dr. phil so cutely named it, the "black and blue"disconnect.

oppression. [i just flashed on allen ludden, or his announcer, stage-whispering:  "the password is... 'oppression.'"]

a nod to provenance requires a hat tip to stephen fry, on whose twitter page i found this clip of the marvelous panti bliss:

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