Sunday, April 12, 2015

to Jessie Claire... to Robin

Young ladies, I apologize!  Your blog post is coming. It was promised on April 9, and I ache to break my promises.

"Stuff" has intervened, but "stuff" cannot win out every day.

I have a wonderful aide who is going to ease much of my frazzle tomorrow.  It is clearly a requirement that one write of Miss Jessie Claire using the wise guidance of her mom Robin's high standards.

And, well, coughcough, there's my own undeniable provenance that has to be a tad toned down but still discernible.

So let this serve as a placecard for the promised celebratory post of the beautiful girl, protected, explained, and our prayers guided by her faith-driven mom.

I'm gonna say: TOMORROW!

And in the meantime, dear family, the good readers here, even if not yet knowing exactly why, know that they are with you, sensing the need, waiting for the details but trusting in the interim.


The "elle est belle la seine la seine elle est belle" magic show

© 2015 L. Ryan

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