Saturday, November 28, 2009

2009 Thanksgiving Wordle Challenge [#11]

Hello, Gentle Reader.

Here is the third of four 2009 Thanksgiving Wordle Challenges, the eleventh overall. To see the entire Incredible History Of Wordle Challenges, click here.

The object is to unscramble the wordle, then identify the novel from which it came, as well as the author.

Don't cheat.

If -- after a good, solid *90* seconds -- you cannot place your unscrambled wordle, you may ask two people, in turn, to aid you in identifying novel and novelist. The prohibition against search engines and other underhanded treachery remains in place for your smarty-panted friends.

We're offering a new prize with Wordle Challenge No. 11 -- the exact address and phone number of its author, plus one Richelieu faux pearl clip on/screw earring, goldtone.

Good luck!

Wordle: 2009 Thanksgiving Wordle Challenge #11

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