Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Wordle Challenge 2009 [#12]

Sorry to be so tardy in posting Wordle Challenge #12, as it is now Sunday evening, November 29, and Thanksgiving is very much over. Still, there may be one or three of you, or Fresca, who may still opt to take a peek at this jumble of words, with a mind to bringing some last minute order out of chaos.

To see the history of Wordle Challenges, click here.

The object is to unscramble the wordle, then identify the novel from which it came, as well as the author.

Don't cheat.

This is the fourth of the four promised. The author hails from the continent of Africa -- joining the previously represented North America, South America, and Asia.

I am uncertain about my choice of literary passage this time. Though extremely known, the author's name is not a household word -- a reflection on the poverty of the household. And the quote here is... well, odd. On point, but odd.

The prize for solving this one? I honestly don't know. (Are you picking up on my growing sense of profound personal defeat?)

How about recognition for a job well done? Eh? How does that strike you?

Wordle: 2009 Thanksgiving Wordle Challenge #12

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  1. Well, I enjoy these immensely, even though I can't get any of them at all this time!
    I enjoy looking at words all jumbled up. What a good pile-up this sentence made.


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