Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Dissolution of a Friendship

Sorry, but I remain in the Netherlands of Inspiration.

I did not think it would impact me, but there has been a huge mental hit due to... how to put it? Due to the Disillusionment of Friendship.

I almost reached the point of having to put the word friend -- and all its derivatives -- forever between quotation marks.

We all know, however, that adding to the pandemic of twitching-fingers-in-air would be a bad thing. Just picture the horrendous headtilt and voice-lilt of the entre-guillemets. {InvoluntaryShiver}

Taking some time for reflection, remembering how I have considerably sullied the word in my time, I managed to at least get rid of the accretion of emotions, the feelings of betrayal, the fatigue at the drama, the disgust at the lies.

No, the friendship has not survived and will never be renewed, but at least I am not going to take myself down with it. I am much too adept at being disillusioned as it is and do not require unsolicited outside assistance!

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