Friday, November 26, 2010

The 800th Win: Praise the Lord

Fervent wee-hour prayer spotted over at

Dear God, Please allow the NBA lock-out to occur this coming year and keep Kyrie Irving at Duke for one more year to play with Austin Rivers, Quinn Cook and Marshall Plumlee. Amen.

Best summation, by Matt Wallace, Compleat Heretic:

There is One Coach and his name is Coach K and the Duke Blue Devils are his instrument. Woe to the unbelievers . . . especially Tar Heel fans...

Total domination on a hostile court against an excellent team!!! This Duke team has the potential both to repeat and to do so undefeated; it's that deep and that talented. Mason Plumlee is looking really good in the hybrid F/C position; I love watching him get called for goaltending! On the downside, Kyrie Irving is so scary good that he's clearly one-and-done regardless, but one can dream of a full collegiate career...

. . . and having watched the last two Carolina games, it appears they're going to have another season of five random guys running up and down the court in Tar Heel uniforms . . . Roy Williams is clearly no Mike Krzyzewski...

Blessèd be the Orange Orb.

Photo courtesy of The Sports Union: Cameron Crazies
("I don’t know that there is a tougher place to play...")

Congratulations to Coach K for
 his *800th* win
at The Gothic Wonderland!

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