Sunday, December 5, 2010

Jonathan Brookins, TUF

Congratulations to Jonathan Brookins who just took two of three rounds to become this season's TUF winner over Michael Johnson.  Johnson had a great first round and had he been able to connect, could have taken Brookins out at any time.  Jonathan seemed to get the point and was fairly adamant about keeping it on the ground for the last ten minutes!

He's refreshing, is Brookins, and so I make the usual wish that he may stay that way...

Stephan Bonnar won his match, handily (29-26, unanimous) but I still was able to complete a crossword, groom two cats, fetch dessert, and fold laundry during the fight -- all without that gnawing sense of deprivation.

No, he did well against Igor Pokrajac -- and the Words of the Day seemed to be momentum and reliability, and the struggle to establish them both.  Bonnar was fit and fairly twinkling on his toes, and when on the ground showed steady aggression.

Pokrajac lost a point for kneeing Bonnar in the head, and Bonnar lost one for blows to the back of the head.  Mazzagatti might even have been about to stop the fight, seconds left in the third, when he censured Bonnar for the illegal blows.  Fortunately, the bell sounded and Mazzagatti wasn't able to act on those fascist urges, born, no doubt, from the silly brown Hitler Youth uniforms that some refs now sport.   Joe Rogan had a few things to say about both point charges and the rules that prompted them.

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