Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Orificeseses... Orifessesive... Orifessavivarous*:  If it wasn't a word before, it won't be one now.  Unlike Sarah Palin, the Neologism Deity doesn't generally smile on, at, or about me.  I find myself, in truth, to be almost obsessively refudiated.

I follow @God (and only @God) on Twitter.  It was @God who turned me on to a photoessay leitmotif with which most of you are already familiar. 

I couldn't bring myself to reproduce the captioning but decided that, really, it's not necessary -- which is sad and hilarious at the same time.

Also sad and hilarious at the same time?  There are several photos of Palin from which to choose, each as exuberant as the others, just with slight outfit and background changes.  I chose this one because of the beautiful white pearlized cross she sports.  It takes a strong woman to pull that off.

And because, frankly, certain angles are just easier to believe, @God or no @God.  Ultimately, I'll have to consult old friend @Tweetin4Palin

For the record?  We Americans owe a profound debt of gratitude to Sarah Palin's Ghost Tweeter for a host of unseen protections from things unamerican -- and mostly pagan -- the latest as recently as Winter Solstice 2010:

[...D]emons tried 2 take the moon away last night! I am a Maverick Grizzly Prayer Warrior; made 'em give it back. You're welcome.--Tweetin4Palin SP GhostTweeter, 21 December 2010 
Anyway, I trust her implicitly.  She assures me that publishing this post will not undermine any of the political (or comedic) gravitas for which I am known. 

She also sent me a pint jar of chicken noodle soup.  And some crackers.  In a cute basket.

I'm just sayin'.

* No, I don't know what it means.  Yet.  Something along the lines of oriflamme meets fesse meets vivisection?  Amazingly enough, if you enter those three terms into Google Search, one of your first, and only, successes will be Deucalion, King Of The Golden River, Dame Wiggins Of Lee, The Eagle's Nest by John Ruskin.  This puts a whole new twist on my understanding of art history.

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