Friday, March 11, 2011

2011 Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami

Katsushita Hokusai painted the Tsunami wave off Kanagawa in 1829-1833

Absolutely astounding, the pictures coming out of Japan after yesterday's 8.9 quake and subsequent Mother of a Tsunami.

A relatively new project is showcasing its abilities in the midst of this crisis:  Google Crisis Response -- 2011 Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami.  On one page, you've access to most every news vehicle imaginable, from statements by Japan's Prime Minister and his cabinet to train and utility information.

There is even an embeddable tool (can also be added as a Google Gadget)called a Person Finder.  Let me show you:

There is video from CitizenTube (YouTube's News and Politics arm) and a link to NOAA's National Weather Service Pacific Tsunami Warning Center.

Of course, there is interest in the path of the tsunami and the coastal areas of Hawaii and California/Oregon but I am finding the news about that to be very ragged and contradictory.  So... just don't go to the beach, pass on these waves... you can check out the action of those rips tomorrow...  (Most reports say the impact on Hawaii has been minimal.  Even "insignificant.")

Small criticism:  The "Useful Map" link is nonfunctional at the moment.

The last thing I saw on the scrolling actual time news thingy was that oil has now dropped below $100, which, frankly, made me snicker.  So *that* is what it takes!

So blessings to the Japanese people as they emerge from this disaster, blessings to the disaster workers, and may much generosity come from the hearts holding purse strings.  The number of dead in Japan is going to be shocking.

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