Thursday, March 3, 2011



my first ketamine treatment
will be on 14 march.

take that, crps!  BOP!  ZAP!  BOING!

in the meantime, i need to get
a port put in for i.v. access...


  1. i know, ain't it grand! i wore myself out just wearing this silly grin all day. the doc was très cool, also refreshingly direct.

    thanks for cheering me on, fresca!

  2. hi ya, big tull! thanks for dropping by... and if you have any tips on how to hallucinate with style and grace, let me know. apparently, for about an hour during the infusions, i'm gonna be a total nut job.

    i hope all is well over at PTZ... it has taken a while, but i've finally got that monkey off my back.

    except, of course, during periods of stress (and *those* are few and far between, uh-huh!) when only ten consecutive viewings of Pete Popped a Pustulant Pimple brings relief...

    hope you and all the poppers are well.

    -- prof (on behalf of the Marlinspike Hall Gang)


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