Friday, March 18, 2011

the cheesehead bites again...

how. do. you. stop. a. kitten. from. biting? 

more specifically:  how do you stop a kitten from biting ME?

i did not have a portacath inserted into my body just to then be repeatedly punctured by a wild animal passing himself off as a cute-l'il-puff-o'nothin'.

[don't make me have to feed you to the Marmy, Little Stinky CheeseHead...]

for your reference purposes, this is what has been tried thus far:

no, no, no!
uh-uh, no, no, no!
je vais t'envoyer directement aux feux de l'enfer!
je vais t'envoyer directement aux feux de l'enfer!  &^%%*()##@!!!
non, non, non!
puffs of air to the face
taps on the nose
redirection to a cat toy
redirection to a cat
redirection into a dark and endless closet
redirection to passing monks or strangers

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