Thursday, March 17, 2011

Port in...

Whew, port is in.

And I am whipped.  At 6:30 am, my temp was 101.  Really neat nurse, though... through ingenuity, we got it down to 100 and a smidge.  She was sure they wouldn't take me to the OR if it were 101...

I wish that Evil People were required to wear a Scarlet E or something.  It makes one something of an ass to assume evil at random, even at a site with a very high ratio of evil to non-evil people.

More on that later, or not.

It was difficult to answer questions from hospital staff about how I "got" CRPS without wanting to punch someone. 

"Was it due to an injury, sweetie?"
An injury? You could call it an injury. You guys committed malpractice and
 negligence all over my ass...

"Do they even know what caused it, hon?"
Sure, they even know the hour and minute it started! Of course, then they
pretended otherwise for over 19 months...

"That's a weird disease, isn't it?"
'Weird?' I guess you could call it 'weird.'  I'm just glad youse guys
weren't distributing necrotizing fasciitis that day...

Anyway, they treated me very well today.  Yesterday?  Not so much.  But yesterday is over.

The port is in... I haven't even looked at it yet.  There is some slight bleeding.  The surgeon was way cool.
I finagled my way into getting a Toradol shot... I love Toradol. 

Er... my last BP check there was 215 over something.  What?  I was in pain... that's the only explanation I can think of.

Speaking of yesterday, there is a 10-week old kitten with needles for teeth running around here raising hell.  He has no name yet.  He and his siblings were discovered as newborns abandoned at a horse farm and they were hauled in to this regional no-kill shelter.  They were all given cheese names -- This guy was Muenster.  I didn't meet them, but stashed in the back were Brie, Edam, and other luscious dairy concoctions.

Temporary Muenster is a biter.  I had just settled into bed to nap through this relatively mild discomfort and he joined me.  Almost immediately, he sank his teeth into my left index finger, and I promptly bled all over the bed and my clothing. 

So I have been doing laundry...

Anyway.  That's all I feel like passing on right now.  I need food...

I hope all is well in your world today...

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